UN Environment director calls for ‘transformations in our food systems’

The United Nationa Environment Acting Executive Director has called for transformations in our food, energy, waste and economic systems.

Joyce Msuya made the appeal ahead of an Assembly meeting in Nairobi.

She wrote a letter to UN Member States urging them to act to tackle climate change now.

Msuya said:

“Time is running short. We are past pledging and politicking. We are past commitments with little accountability. What’s at stake is life, and society, as the majority of us know it and enjoy it today.
“It is time for us to truly give shape to the fundamental transformations that will be required to sustain human life – transformations in our food systems, energy systems, waste systems, economic systems – and indeed our value systems.
“If we are able to drive systemic change across these areas, then we will contribute to lifting people out of poverty and building a safer, healthier and more equitable world. Because by protecting the planet – as we have seen on so many occasions – we are also protecting its people.”

Msuya closed the letter with a strong and direct appeal to UN Member States, urging them to come to “fight for a sustainable future.”

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