United Poultry Concerns hits back at concept of chicken depopulation being "humane"

Nonprofit group United Poultry Concerns has hit back at a CNN article which claimed the “depopulation” of chickens means they were “humanely killed.”

The CNN piece— 2 million chickens will be killed in Delaware and Maryland because of lack of employees at processing plants—said the chickens were killed humanely due to a lack of staff.

But in a press release, United Poultry Concerns said the primary depopulation methods are ventilation shutdown, fire-fighting foam, and carbon dioxide poisoning.

Reports suggest that in the current case, the chickens are being mass-killed by ventilation shutdown.

Delaware Public Media reported on April 16, "The recommended method for depopulating the flocks is closing off the ventilation in the chicken house . . . which causes the birds to die from hyperthermia."

Karen Davis, President of United Poultry Concerns, said:

"Regardless of the method used, the suffering of the chickens is prolonged and intense.
"We look to the news media to report the birds' suffering accurately through investigative reporting and fact checks that do not depend on industry reassurances that inhumane killing is 'humane.'"

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