University of East Anglia banned the sale of beef on campus and Conservatives are NOT happy

The Students’ Union at the University of East Anglia has voted to ban beef sales on campus, but not everyone is happy.

The SU voted by 47% to 46% to implement the ban but the decision has been criticized by farmers and Conservatives.

Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance said the move would “not be reflective of the university, but rather a small snapshot of students” and is “illogical and an attack on freedom of choice.”

Meanwhile the Conservative association at UEA took to Twitter to condemn the decision.

They posted:

“UnionUEA is pleased to announce they’ll be banning beef burgers at UEA. If the Union ever wonders why it’s increasing unpopular and out of touch with students, this is a fantastic example.
“Phrases like ‘lead change’ = just rhetoric. Real world going to hit you folks big time.”

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