University of East Anglia to bring back beef following ban backlash

The student union at the University of East Anglia has agreed to put beef back on the menu following backlash from the animal agriculture industry.

Beef had been banned earlier this year as a way to reduce UEA’s carbon footprint.

SU representative Sophie Atherton said at the time that

students are “becoming ever more concerned with the growing climate crisis.”

But the decision has been overturned after some students said that it was “wrong and undemocratic” to have made the decision without consulting the rest of the University.

The news has been welcomed by the Countryside Alliance.

Mo Metcalf-Fisher said:

“Banning beef would have been the wrong thing to do. It would set a dangerous precedent.
“Universities should be sourcing local, sustainable grass fed beef from UK farmers who are providing a solution to the very real concerns over climate change. Universities should instead look to reduce Co2 in other areas like, excessive air travel.”

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