University professor says students ‘don’t like farm visits anymore’ at Irish farming conference

A professor who teaches a Food Safety Masters course in Ireland says students don’t like farm visits anymore.

Dr Paddy Wall, from University College Dublin, was speaking at the Irish Farmers’ Association Smart Farming Seminar.

According to The Irish Independent he said:

“The farm visits used to be really popular but I’ve noticed a trend that the students don’t like them anymore. We went to a dairy farm where they saw a farmer calving a cow and they saw the calf getting jacked out.
"On the following Monday they wanted me to ring up the Department of Agriculture and report the farmer for cruelty but this is something we as farmers we see all the time. We have to be aware that there’s a big disconnect between consumers and us.”

Dr Wall is a Professor of Public Health and also addressed veganism at the conference.

He added:

“The aggressive campaigns out there that say ‘clean up your arteries and go vegan’ is what the public is being bombarded with and those signs are on every bus shelter in Dublin. We need to counteract that message.
“If we didn’t have any customers we wouldn’t have any businesses. There’s a disconnect between customers and how our food is produced and that is getting wider and wider.”

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