Utah oil plans will impact animals and climate

Conservation groups say they will sue the Trump administration for approving pipelines and powerlines that pave the way for the first commercial oil shale development across the U.S.

They believe the Enefit project in Utah would drain billions of gallons of water from the Green River, threatening certain species and generating enormous amounts of greenhouse gas pollution.

Taylor McKinnon, a senior campaigner at the Center for Biological Diversity said:

"This project would be a disaster for the climate, the Colorado River and endangered species.
"Draining rivers to mine high-carbon fossil fuels will accelerate climate change that’s already drying the Colorado River Basin.
"The West needs to chart a sustainable future, but the Trump administration is paving the road to catastrophe."

The water pipeline will allow the Estonia-owned Enefit American Oil to drain more than 10,000 acre feet annually from the Green River.

The project would produce 547 million barrels of oil over three decades. 

The groups filing the notice of intent are the Center for Biological Diversity, Grand Canyon Trust, Living Rivers/Colorado RiverKeeper, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment and Waterkeeper Alliance.

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