Vegan charity Viva! launching app to go beyond Veganuary

Photo: Viva!

British vegan charity Viva! is set to launch an app to help people continue to try veganism beyond Veganuary.

Viva! is launching the 30 Day Vegan app to encourage people to try veganism, providing everything you need to take those first crucial steps on your vegan journey.

The app features recipes, information about the health benefits associated with veganism and answers the most common questions that new vegans and veg-curious have.

Juliet Gellatley, founder and director of Viva! said:

"The interest in veganism is soaring! The demand for plant-based alternatives is increasing and this is reflected in the availability of vegan products. Supermarkets and restaurants are falling over themselves to provide delicious and accessible products for vegan consumers.
Our new 30 Day Vegan app is here to make the transition to veganism even easier. The purpose of the 30 Day vegan challenge is to make it as simple as possible to transition away from animal products, all year round.
"Our original 30 Day Vegan website received such a positive response and so we believe an app is the next step in encouraging the public to give veganism a go. This January, take the challenge and begin your journey on the road to compassion!

The app will be available from Thursday via the Apple or Google Play store.

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