Vegan community in hysterics after original joke about not being vegan anymore for April Fools' Day

Photo: Adobe Sparks

The vegan community has spent much of this morning in hysterics after a social media user made a joke about not being vegan anymore as an April Fools' Day prank.

Peter Bennett made a post in the Vegan Banter and Hilarity Facebook group but also posted it on Twitter.

The joke, which had never been made before, saw some people fall for it slamming Peter for not being vegan only for him to reveal his elaborate ruse.

Speaking exclusively to VGN he said:

Photo: Adobe Sparks

The post has 23 reactions and a small number of comments, some with laughing emojis.

Peter has not confirmed what he will do following his small-level social media success.

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on pure nonsense and doesn’t reflect the view of vegans or VGN.

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