Vegan Fashion Week is set to make its debut in Los Angeles next month.

The four day event will celebrate the best of vegan fashion produced and curated by creative director and animal rights advocate Emmanuelle Rienda.

The website says: "This 4-day event is designed to empower conscious brands and humans globally with an elevated platform for achievement, inspiration, and discovery.

"This is a tribute to the animals & an ode to the end of animal exploitation in all forms.

"This event is an experience where fashion meets activism with a deeply conscious twist. She creates experiences that inspire...

"The launch of this historic event will take place in the heart of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (by invitation only). The following days, guests will have the opportunity to travel to the LA fashion district to experience a Vegan World at the California Market Center, with a curated selection of animal-free designer pieces on the runway, and a vegan lounge offering cruelty-free fashion, beauty, food and innovative alternatives sourced globally."

Vegan Fashion Week takes place from 1-4 February 2019.

Tickets are priced from $22.85-$66.28 and can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/vegan-fashion-week-tickets-52183353816

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