Vegan food too cheap to serve at two Michelin-starred restaurant

A restaurant owner in Nottingham has said said “vegan ingredients are so cheap” and he couldn’t add a vegan menu charging £120 because he “wants to give people value for money.”

Sat Bains, who runs a restaurant of the same name, explained to the Nottingham Post why he wasn’t planning to follow recent trends in introducing plant-based food options.

They currently have a seven and ten-course tasting menus which cost £105 and £120 a head.

Mr. Bains explained that plant-based food isn’t expensive enough for that:

“You can't go to a heavy metal concert and expect classical music.
“It's my business and my business model to do what I want. I don't do vegan, halal or kosher.
“Vegan food is the biggest rip-off. The ingredients are so cheap. I want to give people value for money.”

Sat Bains has been open for over 20 years and can cater for food intolerances and allergies.

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