Vegan-friendly hotel suite opens up in London

A new vegan-friendly hotel suite has opened up in London following work by designers Bompas & Parr and The Vegan Society.

Hilton London Bankside has launched with vegan-friendly pillows and plant-based snacks in the mini-bar.

James B. Clarke, the general manager of Hilton London Bankside, said:

"Here at Hilton London Bankside, we’re always looking at ways to innovate and bring new experiences to our guests.
"Our Oxbo restaurant offering is already expansive, catering to many different dietary requirements so we thought, why not apply the same concept to our rooms?
"Veganism is not just a dining trend, it has become a lifestyle choice for many and in turn, we want to be the first hotel to be able to offer those who follow the plant-based lifestyle the chance to fully immerse themselves within it from the moment they walk into the hotel."

The suite is now available for reservations.

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