Vegan-friendly tacos now available at British holiday resort Butlins

Holiday resort Butlins will now be serving plant-based tacos after teaming with Oumph! 

The Diner, at Butlin's Minehead and Bognor Regis Resort’s, will now have vegan-friendly tacos and a House Cobb Salad.

Jenny Cooper, Head of F&B and Retail Marketing at Butlin's said:

"We are really proud of our exciting new menu in The Diner and are pleased to be offering our guests the choice of Oumph! as a vegan topping on our Traditional Tacos as well as the House Cobb Salad.
“Our new menu features everything from authentic American dishes and build your own burgers to delicious thick shakes, delighting our guests and providing great value for money,”

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