Vegan Society calls for plant-based milks to be offered in nurseries

Charity group The Vegan Society has called on the British government to offer plant-based milks as part of their free milk scheme in nurseries.

Currently dairy milk is offered but The Vegan Society has published a legal opinion which says that some children are being “indirectly discriminating against.”

The opinion was published on UN World School Milk Day and the charity has written to the government.

Jeanette Rowley, The Vegan Society’s legal advisor, said:

“Law regulating the provision of milk for young children is in urgent need of reform to recognise current scientific evidence on nutrition and a growing consumer trend away from dairy products.
“Public authorities are under a general duty under the Equality Act 2010 to avoid discrimination; by limiting the Nursery Milk Scheme only to cow’s milk, the Department of Health are failing in that duty.
“We are urging the government to include fortified plant milk in its milk schemes nationwide, to ensure vegan children are catered for with a nutritionally adequate and delicious milk alternative.”

The Vegan Society has given the Department of Health 14 days to respond, after which it will be considering legal options.

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