Downton Abbey actor Peter Egan has encouraged people to go vegan, for the planet and for the animals.

Posting on Facebook he said: "I'm driven by my concern for all creatures on this planet. We human animals have evolved into the super race and are dominating our planet to such a degree that we are now in real danger of evolving ourselves out of existence.

"Not only are we waging war on every other species on this planet but we can't stop killing our own species, either by our greed for global acquisition, or by our greed for personal taste in our dietary habits. we keep hearing that there are no simple answers, the world is complex place, which of course it is.

"However I have found that there is a simple answer for me, which addresses the deep concerns that I have for my own species and indeed all other species that inhabit our wonderful planet. When I fully realised just how much destruction and cruelty my diet was impacting on our planet, I realised I had to change my lifestyle. It is a choice I will never regret and one I will never alter.

"It connects my head with my heart and feeds the most important energy in my being..my compassion. My choice was to be vegan. If you haven't tried it give it a go. It is a world of creation, imagination and most importantly...compassion."

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