A group of vegan activists have shut down a chicken slaughterhouse in Queensland.

Animal Liberation Queensland entered Golden Cockerel chicken slaughterhouse and shut down the production line.

Footage from the Australian slaughterhouse showed the shocking scenes from inside.

Animal Liberation Queensland spokesperson Chay Neal told Daily Mail Australia "664 million chickens are killed every year in Australia. We are here to share their stories.

"I think a lot of people would be shocked when they really consider it.

"Here in Queensland alone, we are slaughtering over 1.5 million chickens every week

"Within 10kms of this slaughterhouse, there are well over 100 massive sheds, each housing tens of thousands of individuals.

"Most of these chickens are 6-8 weeks old, and suffer greatly in their short lives as a result of selective breeding, which makes them grow at three times the natural rate."

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