Veggie disc proposals have ‘nothing to do with consumer protection’—Vegan Society CEO

The Vegan Society has written to the European Union warning them plans to change the names of vegan and vegetarian products would result in

“excessive administrative burdens.”

In a formal letter to EU officials, signed by its CEO the Society claims the change would the be breaching fundamental human rights of vegans that are set out by the Union.

If the proposals are voted into effect next month, vegan and veggie burgers and sausages would have to change their names in EU countries.

George Gill, CEO at The Vegan Society who signed the letter, said:

“As consumers are increasingly moving away from eating animals, the demand for vegan products is growing.
“There’s no denying that meat, dairy and egg industries are feeling threatened by this and desperately trying to restrict the marketing of vegan products.
“These proposals have little to do with consumer protection and instead are motivated by economic concerns of the meat industry.
“We are calling on EU officials to reject these irrational measures for vegan meat alternatives to be banned from using the qualified conventional terms everyone has been using for decades.”

The 14-page letter suggests that many institutions would be affected not just vegan or vegetarian ones.

The Vegan Society dismissed what it sees as unlawful proposals, calling them “an attempt to bolster a depressed agricultural economy” and warned they would “create confusion across the EU” if put in place.

They say the EU has 21 days to respond to the letter, after which “the matter will be escalated.”

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