VGN supporting World Vegan Burger Day

World Vegan Burger Day is set to take place tomorrow in an effort to counter World Burger Day.

May 28 will see many people eating delicious plant-based burgers to celebrate their deliciousness. VGN will be participating in the event, which is launched directly on the same day as World Burger Day. This World Vegan Burger Day is created by the Partners of Vegan World Alliance and BEVegan.

In a statement, they said

On May 28th it's #WorldVeganBurgerDay. Are you in? We'll show the World that vegan burgers are more eco- and animal friendly, prettier and tastier. So share your #vegan burger!

How can you participate?

Of course you'll eat a lovely, plant-based burger this day. You also can host an event at your place and invite people over to eat vegan burgers with you (Please keep in mind the rules for distancing and be safe!).

See www.veganwiki.nl for selling points or check www.veganisme.org/vegan-burger-day/ (Dutch)

People are encouraged to shared their creation on social media using the hashtag #WorldVeganBurgerDay

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