VIVA! documentary investigating Hogwood Farm launches on Amazon Prime and Apple TV

An undercover documentary looking at the treatment of pigs at a farm in England has launched on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Google Play Movies.

Hogwood: a modern horror story, looks at Hogwood Farm in Warwickshire and is produced by the animal charity VIVA!

The 35-minute documentary is narrated by Game of Thrones actor Jerome Flynn and was directed and produced by VIVA!'s Tony Wardle.

He said:

"I have been producing investigative documentaries for many years and no film has been more harrowing than HOGWOOD. The name 'a modern horror story' could not be more apt; there are modern horror stories taking place each day in the British countryside.
"Not only are these horrors hidden from sight, but they are endorsed and funded by huge corporations and the Government. That is why this film had to be made — because the public has a right to see what takes place beyond the factory farm walls."

The film features an interview with a livestock vet speaking out about her on-the-job experiences at others farms. Speaking about the film, Jerome Flynn said:

"It is an honour to be presenting this very important film. After seeing the horrendous conditions and animal abuse that is happening behind Hogwood’s walls I had to do something.
"The pigs of Hogwood aren’t just meat products, they are sensitive, emotionally aware beings just like us and they deserve better than this.”

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