The founder of the animal charity Viva! has hit out at a Channel 4 documentary about veganism.

'The Truth About Vegans' aired last night and looked at vegan activism - specifically at how Viva! has targeted Hogwood Farm.

One farmer in the documentary claimed he received death threats and had a pigs head left outside his home.

Viva! Founder and Director Juliet Gellatley slammed the documentary as a 'stitch-up'.

She said: "Channel 4 approached me giving me almost no notice to be filmed and already they had made their mind up and set their agenda because they promoted the documentary on their website saying it was about vegan extremism and they’d lumped me in with that so-called extremism without giving me the opportunity to answer a litany of allegations, I knew the whole thing was basically a stitch-up.

"I agreed to be interviewed as long as they sent me the questions and allowed us to video me being interviewed and the reason I said that was because it was obviously a set-up, that we could show people afterwards how they’d edited me and they said no.

"The truth is VIVA! Doesn’t break into farms, we enter farms and we film, we don’t touch anything, we literally witness what is going on to those animals.

"We totally abhor violence, we do not advocate it in anyway and we never will. The irony is that we are the ones that receive violent threats, I’ve received violent threats over Hogwood and over dairy campaign."

What did you think of the documentary?

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