Wagamama now offering plant-based full English breakfast at airport restaurants

Photo: Wagamama

Restaurant chain Wagamama has announced a plant-based "full English breakfast" will be on offer at it's airport sites.

The breakfast will be on offer at Gatwick and Heathrow airports, but may potentially get rolled out UK-wide.

The vegan-friendly dish includes tofu instead of eggs, a sausage made from beetroot and seitan wheat protein 'bacon rashers'.

Wagamama's Executive Chef Steve Mangleshot said:

"When we create vegan dishes we primarily want them to taste amazing so anyone can enjoy them, not just vegans.
"I'm particularly proud of the full vegan as everyone loves the variety of a cooked breakfast and the range of flavours we have compiled in this dish makes sure that this is guaranteed to excite everyone's taste buds."

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