Why Scott Morrison winning in Australia is bad news for animals

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The Conservative coalition has been re-elected in Australia under the leadership of incumbent Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Morrison described the result as a "miracle" as the Liberal-National Coalition beat Labor, whose leader Bill Shorten resigned shortly after the result.

But with a recent rise in stories regarding vegan activism in Australia, what does his re-election mean for both animals and for vegans?

Well following protests in Melbourne and clashes between vegan activists and farmers, Morrison came out in defence of animal agriculture and took a shot at the protesters.

He described the acts as "shameful...un-Australian" on radio station 2GB.

Morrison also said:

"If there are pastoralists and farmers that are in a position to actually bring a civil action against these groups... then the [Australian government] is totally open to supporting them in a test case.
"State and territory governments should ensure that the full force of the law is brought against these green-collar criminals."

Morrison also said ahead of the elections that he would introduce a range of pro-animal agriculture policies should he be re-elected.

He promised to put $30 million into various schemes including taking city children to farms so they can "see how agricultural products get from paddock to plate."

The farm tours, according to the Liberals' own website, is because they: "won’t allow our kids to be vulnerable to anti-farming campaigns from extremists hell-bent on shutting down agriculture."

At this point we all know that meat and dairy are having a huge impact on the climate catastrophe with the United Nations (UN) releasing a report just this month stating that one million species are facing extinction.

So what is Morrison doing to tackle the issue?

When asked about what the government had done, the Prime Minister referred to a non-existent bill that had passed through the senate.

On top of this the plans to ban live sheep exports from the country appear to have been shelved under the Morrison premiership, with the industry itself stepping in to reduce exports to the Middle East.

Following his election, Scott Morrison said he had "won a great victory tonight", but for animals it seems like the victory may in fact be anything but.

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