Wildlife in Africa suffers tremendously from ‘misguided efforts of anti-hunting eco-imperialists’

A hunting group says wildlife has suffered tremendously from “misguided efforts of anti-hunting eco-imperialists”

Safari Club International (SCI) believes hunting is the solution to conserving Africa’s wildlife.

Paul Babaz, SCI President, said in a post:

“Wildlife in Africa has suffered tremendously and illegal criminal enterprises that commit poaching have benefitted greatly from the misguided efforts of anti-hunting eco-imperialists in other parts of the world.
“Hunters, as conservationists, practice the sustainable use of wildlife resources.
“It hasn’t been until recently that our message is being disseminated more broadly so that those interested in true conservation and effective wildlife management can understand the totality of the very complex issues involved.
“Well-regulated trophy hunting helps wildlife and local economies, while attacks on hunting result in harm to the very animals that we all want to save.”

They also say in the post that hunting helps local economies.

They continued:

“The millions of dollars that hunters bring to these African nations offer powerful incentives to both governments and private land holders to preserve land for wildlife.
“Properly incentivized by the cash injections brought by hunters every year, local populations are more proactive about managing real threats to wild life such as indiscriminate poaching and agricultural land development.”

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