WWE Champion Daniel Bryan unveils new leather-free title belt

Photo: WWE

He promised and now he has delivered.

Current WWE Champion Daniel Bryan has unveiled a leather-free title belt.

The wrestler said he would make his title vegan-friendly if he beat AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble, which he did.

Yesterday he took to the ring and criticized the current belt before revealing his new eco-friendly title.

He said:

"It’s made from cheap labor and it is bound to the skin of a cow, who’s life was taken from her. I like to give that cow a name, the cow whose life was taken was called Daisy and Daisy had the ability to feel immense joy, which unfortunately she didn’t get to experience much in this life.
"Daisy had the ability to feel insufferable pain, which unfortunately she did feel. And Daisy was forced to give he life for this symbol [the WWE title]."

Bryan then unveiled the new belt which is made from hemp and wood from a fallen tree.

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