Zac Efron goes shopping, doesn’t buy meat and dairy —opts for Diet Coke

Photo: Zac Efron riding a horse since he 'went vegan' (Instagram)

Horse riding fan Zac Efron has been spotted going shopping and didn’t purchase any meat or dairy.

The owner of the 7/11 store confirmed the actor had also not purchased anything with honey in it, or that was tested on animals.

Instead the High School Musical star, who also appears to like fishing, bought himself a Diet Coke.

Speaking to VGN the store manager said:

“I read online that Zac Effron was vegan so I was sure he wouldn’t be looking at our meat section!
“He came in, bought the coke and said ‘good job’ so now I feel validated.”

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on pure nonsense and doesn’t reflect the view of vegans or VGN

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